As husband and wife, we have been involved in the Fitness industry for over 40 years. Our goals have always been to help others achieve the lifestyle they want through Health, Nutrition and Exercise. Whether you are a stay at home mother, a business man, a coach or even a woman who is a working single mother, we have challenged and helped others like you to get their lives back into shape and maintain the level of fitness that keeps them looking and feeling their best.
Ryan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with more than 20 years developing and training individuals for events ranging from children learning to play sports to bodybuilding competition as well as weight loss. A specialist in sports activities has given him the edge to help others accomplish greatness.

From playing college football to now a Professional Commercial Pilot, he has been there as you have experiencing the challenges of life. A father of 4 and Stepfather of 3, his life is busy, challenging and limited on time. He especially understands those who travel, yet shares those secrets which make being healthy and fit a successful opportunity for you.

"My goal is to alleviate the hesitation and frustration of diet and exercise which stops each of us from achieving our dream of a healthy and energetic life"

Kristie is proud to be one of the World's most accomplished NASM Certified Personal Trainers. She's an international fitness expert with successful globally broadcasted infomercials and key media appearances. With over 23 years of experience in the fitness industry teaching and training, she continues to be sought after as a spokes model and motivational key note speaker.

Helping millions take positive action in their own lives through sharing light and love for a super healthly lifestyle keeps her thriving for success. Kristie has been featured on NBC's channel 5 news and continues to be featured on The Home Shopping Network each month.

Kristie takes great pride in being a devoted wife and loving mother of 2 boys, an 8 year old girl, 2 stepdaughters and 2 stepsons proving the point that women and even busy moms can do it all.

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