13 Mar

Kristie’s 11-Day BODY BOOST! {day nine}

Today is DAY 9 of #kristiesbodyboost and you know what that means…It’s time to celebrate!  Chocolate anyone? 

The beauty about this program is that you never feel deprived. Having the recipes to make a delicious raw dessert is a huge key to staying on track.  Today, let us have donuts!  Yes, thats right, DONUTS! 

Heres a fun video showing you how to make raw donut holes that are healthy and energizing! Note: this video was done for a school program that is helping kids get more active and eat better. 🙂 




1 1/2 cups raw walnuts

1 cup packed Medjool Dates

1/3 cup RAW Cocoa Powder

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/8 tsp sea salt

1 TBS water, if needed

In a food processor, combine the walnuts, dates, cocoa powder, vanilla, and salt and process until the mixture sticks to together. It should look like a big ball of cookie dough. Roll into little balls and chill.  You can decorate the balls by rolling them into chopped walnuts, raw cocoa, or shredded coconut.

Your exercise for today:

Recipe options:

Cantaloupe Juice

Green Banana Cream

Kale Avocado Salad

Avocado Cucumber Soup

Brussels Sprouts



Be balanced.

This goes for both the mind and body. In regards to a balanced mind, do not attempt a raw diet if it makes you unhappy, stressed, or tired. Feed your mind, soul and heart with your plant-based foods so that you may become more satisfied and whole. If the case is that it in fact does the opposite, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean raw is too hard for you, it simply means it’s not for you. Do not neglect your mental well being and peace of mind, for it’s just as hungry for nourishment as the belly. In order to have a balanced body, make sure you are consuming enough protein, carbohydrates and fats. Fruits and vegetables will provide most of your carbohydrates, while nuts, seeds, coconut and avocados can give you efficient fat fuel. Lastly, while protein exists in many raw plants, as well as nuts and seeds, be aware of deriving enough. Trying to eat low-cal on a raw food diet is often a recipe for disaster when it comes to your metabolism. As an added bonus, however, the enzymes in raw foods will enable your body to process and use protein even more effectively.

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