13 Mar

Kristie’s 11-Day BODY BOOST {day two}

Welcome to DAY TWO of #kristiesbodyboost! Please remember that the daily meal plans are suggestions only. If there is a particular juice, smoothie, salad, soup, or main meal you like better, have that. This is about RAW ABUNDANCE! As long as it RAW VEGAN you can have it! 

 Upon rising, get in the habit of exercising before you have time to think about it. Our minds can be silly sometimes and will try to talk us out of doing this.  Daily movement suppresses the appetite, tunes us in to our bodies natural needs, and shapes us into beautiful glowing beings full of energy and happiness.  Dont’ think about it or you’ll talk yourself out of it, just DO IT! 

Green is Good Day Two Exercises


After your daily movement, have water with lemon or a herbal tea sweetened with raw honey or stevia. Having something warm will fill you up and create peace and harmony before jumping into your first meal. 

When hunger strikes make your first juice {I always recommend you fast for at least 16 hours after your last meal eaten the day prior}. 

Carrot Cilantro Pear Juice


You should be full of clean energy until dinner from this point yet if you need something….have a Larabar with herbal tea. 


Dinner….Herb Garden Salad


Maple Glazed Yams

Better on your body and your digestive system than heavy nut based raw dishes is to have real food that is cooked like sweet potatoes, yams, and low fat fish. Getting hung up on ‘ALL RAW’ creates a superiority complex and puts a lot of pressure on you by created rules that are sometimes unrealistic. If you’re going to have something cooked have it at night and keep it healthy.

Hot Cocoa

 The Raw Cocoa does contain a small amount of caffeine so if you are sensitive to caffeine I would advise you have your cocoa earlier in the day.  A suggestion would be to swap out your after tea with the cocoa. 

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