How often you wash your hair? Three times a week is recommended for most hair types. At 45 my hair hasn’t been this healthy since I was 12! Tune in LIVE this Thursday as I share what I’ve been using on my hair to get it to where it is today.
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KRISTIE'S DELICIOUS DETOX SALAD 2017-01-27 16:52:18 This easy Detox Salad truly is delicious! It's made with all sorts of fresh and feel-good greens, and topped with a sweet and zesty Carrot-Ginger Dressing. Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients THE DETOX SALAD 3 cups finely-chopped* kale leaves 2 cups finely-chopped broccoli florets 2 cups finely-chopped [...]

Raw Till 4! {An easy approach to living lean for life!}

The focus of this program is on eating the right calories, instead of restricting them. Those calories come from low fat plant foods which then allows us the freedom to eat as much as we want. Raw Till 4 is about eating only raw fruits, greens, and raw nuts/seeds, till 4pm. After 4pm you can choose a recipe from the JUMPSTART […]

Beet, Walnut, Goat Cheese Salad

Beet, Walnut, Goat Cheese Salad 2016-01-12 07:05:52 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 1 pound beets 1 small shallot, minced 2 TBS red wine vinegar 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 TBS olive oil Pinch of sea salt black pepper to taste 1/2 cup raw walnuts 1 tsp fresh parsley, minced 1 tsp fresh tarragon, [...]

Raw Vegan Bread

Raw Vegan Bread 2016-01-20 08:52:17 You'll need a food dehydrator for this one. Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients The "Bread" 1 cup carrot juice pulp 1/3 cup green pulp (celery or cucumber would be ideal) ½ cup ground flaxseed ½ tsp salt 1 tsp flax oil ¼ cup raisins or dates, packed 1/3 [...]