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Kristie’s 5 Secrets to Get the GLOW!

Kristie’s 5 Secrets to Get the GLOW!


I just posted all of my favs I use to create an easy, natural, everyday look like this. Check out the post before this one. ☺️. #over40 #skincare #face #makeup #love #simple


There are two types of people in the world:

1. Those that look radiant whatever they do. and….

2. The rest of us.

I’m one of those people who’s every sin is reflected on my face. Stress, a late night, too much sugar, too much fat, not enough fat, overeating, jet lag, not enough sleep, not enough water…any of these soon shows on my face in the form of blemishes, breakouts, dullness, dryness, and many other not so pretty signs. I thought of this as a natural tendency. Then something happened….

I started to understand that this is how my body and my skin respond to what I eat and how I live.  And so, I started to pay attention! My dull, horrible skin became a BLESSING because it won’t let me get away with any bad habits. For one thing, I would of never tapped into nutrition and holistic health like I did, as young as I did, without it. After all, I was in my twenties when I set out on this path and I wasn’t worried about longevity then. It was PURE vanity that initially propelled me on my quest to investigate every aspect of physical and mental health.

If I can take my body and my complexion from cover up to coveted (without plastic surgery or Botox) anyone can. So here I share with you all that I have learned these past 15+ years.

First, understand that despite all the glossy ads and magazine articles, there is nothing in a jar or bottle that will do this for you. Take it from someone who knows because she’s tried it ALL. Radiance is a quality that comes from inside and shines through the skin and there is no cream nor pill that can make that happen, nor foundation that can fake it.

It is created by healthy, nourished, oxygenated cells. There are no short cuts to this. Stick to the program faithfully and you will soon start to see your skin improve…and improve…and improve. And the most fantastic thing about this program is that any improvement on the outside is a direct result of your becoming healthier on the inside.

I recommend working through number 1-3 first: they are the foundation on which beautiful skin and a beautiful body is built. 4-5 are extras for those who want to take massive action for extreme radiance.

1. Get the diet basics right

Eat real, whole foods, and enjoy a wide range of skin superstars. All of these can be found in the Jumpstart Program @ www.thebellyfitclub.com. This program focuses on foods high in beta carotene like yams, sweet potatoes, carrots to name a few. On this program included are the foods to avoid that wreak havoc on all skin types, and weigh us down in every way.

2. Exercise

When you exercise, oxygenated blood whooshes through your system, boosting delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells, while flushing away cellular wastes and toxins. This oxygenated blood also plumps up your skin and boosts collagen production. Exercise also counteracts the effects of stress by promoting hormonal balance. As we all know, hormonal imbalances are not kind to our body or our face. My Jumpstart program is formulated to rid your body of candida and balance hormonal levels.

3. Drink a Liter of RAW juice a day

This will give your body a glow you can’t get any other way, and will also make the amazing natural color of your eyes shine with extra luminously.

Try our Green Lemonade or any of the juice recipes we offer on www.thebellyfitclub.com.

4. Exfoliate

It’s hard to glow when your skin is covered with a layer of dead cells. For maximum radiance dry brush your entire body with a body brush and your face with a face brush. Why not a scrub? Many exfoliating scrubs on the market are basically razor-sharp abrasive shards in a paste of nasty manmade chemicals. If you do like to use scrubs, make sure it’s natural and gentle.

5. Sweat, baby, sweat

Vigorous exercise is one way to achieve this, but for a real purge through the pores you’ll want to sit in a sauna. Workouts like Bikram Yoga is amazing for your body and your skin. Also, try our Accelerate program at home found at www.thebellyfitclub.com to really get your sweat on.

Beautiful skin and a beautiful body is created by healthy, nourished, oxygenated cells, and this requires not only a clean lifestyle but also a body mind system in a state of “flow”. You know when you are in this state and when you are not. A dull body is the outer reflection of a system that is in a state of stress and sluggishness, with cells undernourished and overloaded with toxicity. Following these 5 tips will get you back in that beautiful state of flow…and that’s what will give you The Glow!


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