20 Jul




Sit with the therapy ball placed behind you and lean into the ball for support and maintain proper alignment. Pull your knees in towards your chest and reach both arms forward. Extend both legs and arms out keeping the chest lifted. Return back to the starting position and repeat 10xs. 


The mermaid with ball variation: Come to your side with both legs bent at a 90-degree angle. Place the therapy ball in the nook of the knee of the top leg and squeeze the ball firmly to hold in place. Keeping a firm hold on the ball, bring your leg forward and back keeping your tummy pulled in strong. Do 10 reps on each side. 


Sit with both feet flat on the floor holding onto the therapy ball with both hands. Bring the ball behind the head, head and chest up, and elbows in close and tight. Now lean back and come up to your toes. Knees squeeze together and keep the tummy engaged. This is your starting position. Now extend the ball up over head and back to the starting position. Repeat 15xs. 


Lie on your back and place the therapy ball between your legs at calf level. Squeeze the ball to hold in place. Now curl up and hold. As you hold, bring the right leg forward, back to center, and then the left left forward, back to center. Repeat this 10 times. 

You can customize this program to your fitness level. One time through all four exercises for beginners, two times through all four exercises for intermediant levels, and three times through all four exercises for advance levels. 

As always, look at this as a fun practice you can do each day.  It’s exciting to see and feel the difference as you grow in strength and fitness. 

You can purchase the therapy ball at www.fitBALL.com. 

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04 Jul

J U M P S T A R T | Your Metabolism!

4 simple moves, 1 therapy ball, and 300 calories burned!

Forget the treadmill! Make the most of your workout time combining strength moves in a circuit format to blast calories AND increase lean muscle. 

total body exercise chart

For those of you wanting to take it to the next level and burn 500 calories….

Add these FAT BLASTING moves between each exercise:

1- minute Mountain Sliders:D-0119

1-minute Knee Tucks:D-0070 D-0071

1-minute Dumbbell Swing:D-0106 D-0108

1-minute In and Out:D-0122 D-0125

This workout will trim you in 2-WAYS: It will help burn off the fat that is covering your abs and other muscles in the body AND firms the muscles in the body at the same time! Workout SMARTer not HARDER! 🙂 

Combine this with our JUMPSTART eating program to DOUBLE team fat and say bye bye to Spanx! 😉


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