18 Sep

Getting Ready for {Juice Lovin}

Are you ready to rummmmble
The last juice cleanse that we did together was crazy awesome.
Oodles of lovely ladies and amazing gents, just like yourself, committed to cleanse with us.
Juices were being made left, right and center, lemons were squeezed countrywide and many green leafy vegetable were consumed.
We (officially) rocked it.
We rocked it so good, that we decided to share the goodness with you!
So, we have a new plan, and a new shopping list… 
Let’s get this party started! 
3-Day {Juice Lovin} Cleanse – Meal Plan 
The fun begins on March 1st, 2021.
Are you with us?
Continue on then…. 
Follow only ONE step each day to make the most of your juice cleanse experience: 
1.      Make three – four  32-ounce juices a day, sit back, and let the cleansing begin. 
Answers to your questions: 

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31 Dec

The Secret to a HAPPY NEW YOU!

 The New Year is upon us and for most of us it’s the time of year to set new goals that will make our life better in the upcoming year.  Have you thought about your goals? The majority will sit down and write down their goals and plan out how they will accomplish them.

For example: If weight loss is your goal, you may choose to join a gym,  purchase a piece of fitness equipment for your home, hire a personal trainer, go on a cleanse, and/or make healthy food choices.  Now this looks great on paper, yet….is this enough?  

You know the answer because perhaps you’ve tried all of those things in the past only to never reach your goals. The “How” and the “What” we do to move towards our goal is not nearly as important as to “BE” and “LIVE” our goals.  If your goal is to lose weight, live as if you already have. How would a slimmer you look, act, and live? Would the slimmer you eat better, exercise more, walk different, be more confident, and be happier?  

See yourself as you wish to be

This year, take time out to think about your New Year resolutions.  Instead of writing them down, close your eyes and see YOU as you wish to be.  Feel the YOU you see and take that feeling with you each day.  You will see how reaching any goal you have is when you BEcome it and LIVE it.  By envisioning your new self you will reach your goals faster and and with much less effort.

Goals are reached INSIDE of us, in the dim background of our mind there IS magic.  Begin today.  Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.  Beginning is what makes the conditions great. The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can. 

May every day be a New Year with fresh starts and enthusiasm for the days ahead. 

Happy New YOU! 

~Kristie Belliston


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