19 May

Swimsuit Shape Up 4-Women

Swimsuit season is right around the corner and there is still time to get that sexy bikini body if you start right now.  Here is a simple 4-weeks to sexy slim program you can do at home and all you need is a stability ball, some hand weights, and a desire to get fit.   
For fast results combine this with 20-minutes of cardio 6 days a week and our delicious eating plan called Jumpstart found at The Belly Fit Club.  You will be amazed how fast your body will change and how easy it really can be when you train smart.  

 Shape Up in Seven


For a detailed description of each exercise join TBFC LIVE.  It’s easy!  Sign up here  and you will have full access to all of Ryan’s and Kristie’s favorite recipes and workouts.   ❤

04 Jul

J U M P S T A R T | Your Metabolism!

4 simple moves, 1 therapy ball, and 300 calories burned!

Forget the treadmill! Make the most of your workout time combining strength moves in a circuit format to blast calories AND increase lean muscle. 

total body exercise chart

For those of you wanting to take it to the next level and burn 500 calories….

Add these FAT BLASTING moves between each exercise:

1- minute Mountain Sliders:D-0119

1-minute Knee Tucks:D-0070 D-0071

1-minute Dumbbell Swing:D-0106 D-0108

1-minute In and Out:D-0122 D-0125

This workout will trim you in 2-WAYS: It will help burn off the fat that is covering your abs and other muscles in the body AND firms the muscles in the body at the same time! Workout SMARTer not HARDER! 🙂 

Combine this with our JUMPSTART eating program to DOUBLE team fat and say bye bye to Spanx! 😉


08 Apr

Bootylicious by Summer

Kristie BellistonThere is something magical that happens when you stay consistent with any program  for more than 5-weeks.  In all my 23 years of training women and men I have found that its this amount of time needed to really see a big change in our body shape and tone.  This 5-week program is to be done on alternate days.  Combined with 20-minutes of cardio per day and our Jumpstart meal plan you will be amazed at the transformation your body can make in such a short amount of time.

Here is a layout and video of great strength exercise’s that will target, train, and tone your rear and legs.   

AliciaWglutsWhat we eat is so important if we want results.  A fitness program with a healthy meal plan is key if we want to lose fat and transform.  Here is a daily plan that I follow to get in tip top shape for photo shoots, summer beach vacations, and tv appearances. 

Jumpstart Daily Routine_Page_1Jumpstart Daily Routine_Page_2 Jumpstart Daily Routine_Page_3Have fun and enjoy the journey as you move towards great health and total body transformation.  Reaching any goal is a journey and as with all races won and goals reached we will fall and learn over and over again. The key is to get back up after you fall and never quit! 🙂 

Your Trainer, 
Kristie Belliston, CPT, NASM, NFRA, YogaFIT, WFS


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