06 Oct

To Cheat or not to Cheat?

1. Feeding the Junk Food Addiction 
I believe that junk food addiction is real, and that many people can not succeed in eating healthy because of it. Having a cheat meal every week basically feeds that addiction, and may lead to full-blown relapse. 
Now, you wouldn’t tell a nicotine addict only to have cigarettes on Saturdays? 
2. Doesn’t help reduce cravings 
This is kind of similar to tip 1 above. If you are physically or psychologically dependent on something, having it every now and then will not reduce cravings, but actually keep them coming back again and again. 
3. Eating way too much 
It is common when people cheat, that they completely lose control and destroy a week’s worth of dieting. 
4. Guilt afterwards 
After doing really well on a diet for a few days, it can cause a lot of guilt to have that cheat meal, unless maybe if the person manages to keep self control and not completely overeat. 
5. Doesn’t raise your metabolism 
I’ve read it countless times that eating a cheat meal will raise metabolism and should therefore help with weight loss. I haven’t seen any evidence to support this and I don’t really believe in it. 
Also, do you think that when scientists are doing research studies on diet plans, that they allow people to cheat once per week? Of course not! 
6. Junk food is unhealthy 
Junk food is unhealthy. That is probably the reason why you quit eating it in the first place (duh). Having it once a week is clearly worse than having none at all. 
7. Some things take a while to leave your system 
There are many nasty things in junk food, such as trans fats. They can take a long time to disappear from your system, and if you keep eating them every now and then, they will never completely leave your body. 
8. Taste sensation doesn’t manage to adapt 
When you stop eating junk food, one of the things that happens is that with time your taste sensation adapts, and food that isn’t overly processed starts to taste good. Cheating once a week interrupts this. 
9. Body doesn’t manage to adapt to the new fuel 
When changing the diet, one thing the body does is ramp up enzyme production in order to start using a different fuel. This is especially important for eating plans that don’t allow sugar and grains. 
If you keep cheating once in a while, the adaptation won’t fully complete. 
10. Knowing that cheating is not an option makes things easier 
Trust me on this.. when a cheat meal is not an option, it makes sticking to a diet much, much, much easier. 
Anything else? 
If your cheat days/meals have been causing you problems, or downright preventing you from being successful in the long-term, then these tips above should really do you good. 
After all, what we should be after is not try to go on a “diet”, but to actually make a lifestyle change in order to live a healthier, happier life. 

Let us teach you how to LIVE life free from counting calories, allowing you to eat real food in large quantities, feeling great all day, and live fat free for life. ~TBFC 

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