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Vegan and Gluten Free Sushi Rolls ♡

Vegan and Gluten Free Sushi Rolls
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  1. 3 cups sunflower seeds
  2. 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
  3. 1/2 cup chopped scallions
  4. 1/4-1/2 cup raw tahini
  5. 1/4 cup liquid amino's, or 2 tablespoons nama shoyu, or pinch of sea
  6. salt with add'l water, or none at all
  7. 2-4 slices red onion, cut in chunks
  8. 4-6 tablespoons coarsely chopped parsley
  9. 2-3 medium cloves garlic, coarsley chopped
  10. 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (or more to taste)
  11. 1 package Nori Sheets
  12. Liquid Aminos (Spray Bottle)
  13. 1 Cucumber, julienne
  14. Sunflower Sprouts
  15. 2 carrots, julienne
  16. 1 zucchini, julienne
  17. 1 red pepper, julienne
  1. To make the filling: In a food processor, process the sunflower seeds, lemon juice, scallions, tahini, liquid amino's, onion, parsley, garlic and cayenne until the mixture is a smooth paste.
  2. When thoroughly blended taste and adjust the seasoning. The pâté will develop a stronger garlic taste in a few hours. Yields a large mixing bowl of pâté. (approximately 8 cups)
  3. Place a nori sheet on your rolling mat and spread 1 cup of the pate evenly over the nori by pressing with wet fingertips, leaving a 1-inch border at the far edge.
  4. Arrange small portions of your chosen fillings (in this case, your favorite vegetables) on top of the pate in a horizontal line down the center.
  5. Roll up the sushi tightly with the sushi mat to form a neatly packed cylinder (like a fat cigar).
  6. Squeeze firmly to make sure the sushi roll is tightly packed (be careful not to squeeze too hard or you'll break the sushi roll).
  7. Cut each sushi roll into 1½-inch rounds using a sharp, damp knife (it's important that you re-moisten the knife after each cut). Dip in Liquid Aminos. Enjoy!
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