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Sexy by Summer Eating Guide

This is your Day One -Three eating guide.  Though I’m not a calorie counter due to the fact that if I follow JS perfectly my calories are always going to be around 1200-1300 calories so therefore there isn’t a need to count calories, I would like you to keep track of your calories on this program.   

On Day 1-3, if you are under 5’5″ keep your calories at 1200 and if you are over 5’5″ keep your calories at 1400 calories per day (especially because of the added desserts).  I need to get that body of yours dipping into your fat stores for fuel and in order to lose a significant amount of body fat, you must consume fewer calories than your body expends and the ZIG ZAGGING technique is how we do that. What is Zig Zagging?   Its a method I use, and thousands of other fitness models use,  to stay lean all year without feeling deprived AND its one of the best methods for losing fat without losing muscle. Our goal should always be to gain muscle and lose fat, yet its hard to do both unless you’re zig zagging.  Day Four is a non-calorie counting day and you get to eat from the Maintain menu enjoying large quantities of your favorite healthy meals that will leave you feeling satisfied.  This is how we keep the muscle and keep our metabolism in high gear. 

On the Day One -Three plan you can always swap out the salads and entrees I have listed here for another salad and entree yet make sure they are all JS approved (you’ll need to log into the website first to view this link) all recipes with the letter”J” are Jumpstart Approved.  The order listed is most important to follow as the light to heavy rule will give you the most energy, leanness, and beauty.  

About the desserts….I’ve added them in to make this program fun and livable so please keep moderation in mind when having the dessert after your healthy meal and always have it with some hot herbal tea.   

Day Four is a Free HEALTHY eating day. What that means is that you will still follow the order listed below yet you can swap out the salads, entrees, and desserts, for Maintain salads, entrees, and desserts.  You can even have our TBFC popcorn, pizza, and nachos as they are delicious yet still on the healthy side.  

After Day Four you will go back to Day One-Three and repeat this 3 low/1 high eating program until you have reached your desired weight and body shape or if you wish to Maintain your leanness for life you can continue on this program like I have. 


Your Daily Plan:

 Start each day with a 16-ounce glass of lemon water.


 Only when hunger strikes make your first meal of Green Lemonade (16-32 ounces)


 20-30 minutes later have your low sugar fruit like this Berry Bowl


 2-3 hours later, make a huge salad with all your favorite healthy fixings.  This Arugula Salad is one of my favorites! 


End your meal with your favorite raw treat like these Chocolate Truffles.  

TBFC-Smooth Move-Tea

…and some healthy herbal tea. 

salad-plate-01 3 hours later have another large salad.  


 For the main course make it a fish, chicken, or egg meal (protein).  Vegetarians will have black bean soup (carb), Quinoa (carb), or raw goat cheese wraps (protein).


 This Raw Cheesecake dessert combines well with a protein dinner.  


This delicious Chocolate Pudding dessert combines well with a carb dinner.  

Note: Drink 16-ounces of water between each meal listed. 

 Just as important as healthy eating and exercise is SLEEP!!! Sleep is SO important for adults, eight good hours a night is typically recommended. Getting enough sleep helps control weight, keeps the immune system functioning optimally, reduces feelings of stress and stress-related illnesses, and helps put you in a better mood. Please make an effort to get at least 8-hours of sleep a night. Turn off that computer, or TV, and snuggle up in bed with a good book.  This will help you to relax and get to sleep earlier.  


Your trainers, Ryan and Kristie Belliston


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