Are you ready to fail at achieving your fitness goals again this year?   

Didn’t think so….

What if I told you that you’re not alone and that I have something that will Actually work for you? 

Here at TBFC LIFE there is no finish line to healthy and fit because once we reach the initial goal set, we are on to making other goals….and so, to our belief, there isn’t an end. The problem is that most people quit right before the magic happens. So what about those that don’t quit and actually keep going to reach their goals? 

The answer is in the Action….

First, what does it mean to ACT? Lets take a look shall we?

act [akt] noun

anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance: a heroic act. the process of doing: caught in the act. a formal decision, to do something; exert energy or force; be employed or operative:He acted promptly in the emergency, to reach, make, or issue a decision on some matter:I am required to act before noon tomorrow, to operate or function in a particular way; perform specific duties or functions:to act as manager, to produce an effect; perform a function:The medicine failed to act. 

…and the list goes on…

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 28 years and in all of my education and work I’ve broken every program down to one thing. 

The only program that will work is the one you act upon.

With that said, if you’ve tried any fitness program in the past with zero results…this one is for you. 

It’s what we do each day that matter the most. 

For the next 3-months we will LIVE LIFE on purpose and with ACTION that will reward you in more ways than great health, in more ways than a fit and gorgeous body, in more ways than feeling younger with tons more energy.

We will reward you for your ACTIONS! 


Each day you will be presented with 4 simple action steps. As you accomplish these actions you will be rewarded with amazing gifts and prizes.

To qualify you first need to be a member, so sign up today while it’s only $10.00 a month. 





Super Star Bonus

A - C - T - S

By Focusing on simple ACTS each day and to be rewarded for those Actions completed breeds success.  It’s a fact and the key to all successes in this world.

Join us for a program that has never been offered before. 

How to get started?