27 Aug

Day Twenty Eight of Jumpstart 4 Women

The results are in!

Before (top) After (bottom)


I am so grateful to The Belly Fit Club. Before the Raw Challenge in July and Jumpstart 4 Women,  I was physically active. I worked out a lot and I thought I was eating pretty good but my body still had aches and pains, I couldn’t sleep well, I was dependent on pain killers and sleep aids. I can honestly say that since becoming raw my whole being has done a 180! I am no longer taking a single med for anything! No painkillers, no sleep aids, no bowel issues, nothing! Not only has this new way of eating (in such a short time I might add) fixed those just mentioned It has changed me physically and mentally. I see life more positively. I am a much much happier person. I can’t really put it into words, I just have spiritually changed within the deepest parts of me. Thank you Kristie & Ryan, with my whole heart. This has truly changed my life! The Bonus Bus Arrived and I lost a ton of inches and weight even though this was not my focus. Again, thank you! 




I could write a book on how this has changed me. You know how I now feel. I’m just in tears and overjoyed at the NEW ME! I love you. <3


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26 Dec

5 steps to get back on track after the Holidays


If you partied like a rock star this holiday season, here are five things you can do to feel better and drop those extra holiday pounds instantly.

1. Be kind to yourself.


So you had more than your share of goodies this holiday season. So what! Be grateful you have the tools and the knowledge to know just what to do to start over and feel like new again (read below).

2. Honor your body by drinking at least 80 ounces of water.


Water will help balance the PH of your system and help to re-hydrate which is especially important after alcoholic beverages have been consumed. 

3. Give your body the gift of Green Lemonade morning and afternoon.


Green Lemonade is full of nutrients our body needs.  Because it is hydrating and highly alkaline, this will help detox and cleanse our system leaving us feeling full of energy and satisfied. 

4. Cleanse your system by juicing until dinner and start dinner off with a nice salad.


Giving our digestive system a break will help the body heal by giving it the time needed to recover and renew.  It’s also a great way to drop fat and extra water weight quickly. 

5. Give thanks to your body and renew your mind and spirit with Exercise.


Change your thoughts about exercise.  Think of it as a time to cherish and nurture your body by giving it the movement it so desires. With increased circulation and perspiration you will be feeling back to normal in no time. 

3141-DFrom our Kitchen to yours,


~Ryan and Kristie Belliston


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