28 May

Jumpstart 4 Summer WINNER!

Congratulations to Shannon Nelson!!!!  Winner of our 28-day Jumpstart Challenge! 

Jumpstart Winner 2014“I can’t believe JS is done, I have to say I’m sad. I’ve enjoyed learning so much this mouth about myself. I’m a lot stronger, knowledgeable and determined than ever. I made it the 27 days, that’s not to say I didn’t stumble a few times along the way, I got right back up and pushed on. I’ve realized this is much more beneficial then I anticipated. I was skeptical, one month later I’m a firm believer that this is how I want to live my life, healthier and more aware than ever. When I started this journey I didn’t think I need to lose much weight. My starting weight was 135 today May 28th I’m down to 121, that’s 14lbs lost no idea the inches lost but it was significant, I could kick myself for my measuring ahead of time. I getting more muscle definition each day. I don’t have any great photos, but I’ll post what I have,. Thank you Ryan and Kristie for putting you heart and soul into each and every one of us. Never have a felt the support that I receive at TBFB. You both are truly amazing. I don’t have enough words to thank you.” ~Shannon Nelson

01 Feb

SEXY Sweet Smoothie ♡

SEXY Sweet Smoothie ♡
Serves 2
Bananas are a great source of B-group vitamins and potassium, both used in sex hormone production. Vitamin B also helps maintain energy levels. SEXYtip: Bananas help boost the male libido.♡
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  1. 1-2 bananas
  2. 2 green apples
  3. 1 handful kale
  4. 2 handfuls spinach
  5. 1 squirt Stevia
  6. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  7. 1 cup Ice
  8. 1 Cup water
  9. 1 Cup Hemp or Almond Milk (Hemp tastes best)
  1. In a Vitamix blender, put ice and remaining ingredients and blend on high until smooth and creamy (1 minute)
  1. A delicious way to get your greens in. 🙂
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